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Join your colleagues and friends by communicating on social media during the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Share pictures with fellow attendees of your favorite places to visit and eat while in Vancouver.  

Twitter -- Veterinary Pathology    Hashtag for the Annual Meeting: #ACVP2017

Facebook:  Meetings and Events Page

Facebook -- Student Chapter Page

LinkedIn -- ACVP Forum

• Social Media
Attendees may post information from sessions on social media in a professional manner but are expected to respect the wishes of presenters.  Information or images from presentation slides marked “DO NOT POST” may NOT be shared on social media in any form.  Information on posters may NOT be posted to social media unless permission is granted by the corresponding author/presenter.

· Photography
Flash photography is prohibited.  Non-flash photographs may be taken during oral or poster presentations for non-commercial personal use only and may NOT be published in any form.  Distraction to presenters and audience members must be minimized when capturing images.

· Audiovisual recording
Audio or video recording of sessions by means of any device (e.g. cell phones/PDAs, laptops, cameras, etc.) is prohibited. 


Mobile App

The ACVP mobile app will be available a week prior to the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Search on google play or the iTunes store for ACVP 2017.  Download the app prior to coming to Vancouver for the meeting, especially if you live outside of Canada.  Check with your cell phone provider about any additional charges for using your phone if you do not live in Canada.

How to use the mobile app?  Start here.

ACVP is not printing a full program this year, although a pdf will be available on the website. The schedule-at-a-glance and scientific grid will be available as a handout.  


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